Have You Started Planning for Safe + Sound Week?

It is just around the corner, and so many are wondering if those employers and employees are ready to take on the week ahead. If you have looked into those labor posters, then you know that they are showing off this week, telling you more, and getting every workplace ready for the upcoming event.

This week is to talk about the many ways to keep the workplace and employees safe when they are working in the building. They want to make sure that everything is being done to reduce accidents that happen, and many of those that could have been prevented.

The Benefits of Keeping Workers Safe in the Workplace

-Keeping workers safe is not only good for families and the community, but also for the workplaces that hire them to do the jobs. When these workplaces are reducing the number of accidents that happen, they are saving money but also keeping workers working hard, but smart with the jobs that they have.

-Being able to have safer employees is always something that companies strive for, but …

Where To Place Your Recently Received Compliance Poster

Your compliance poster is very important to your company because it advises your employees of certain regulations or things to be careful with. Therefore, the first thing to know is where to properly paste it so that it can be visible to everyone. Places such as the break room, cafeteria, or busy spaces where everyone can see them are your best bet. Visibility is the key when placing your labor posters.
Once you have selected where to place your poster, you need to properly measure it and outline it onto the wall. You don’t want to damage the wall, so nails, tacks or staples are a no-go. Neither is duct tape as it can be very difficult to fully remove, especially when it has already aged. Painter’s tape is the best option to use when pasting, as it will leave a clean surface once removed. Be careful not to pick masking tape as this one will leave a sticky residue just like duct tape would. The best method is to add hot glue to the painter’s tape and then paste the poster on it and th…

NTBS Wants New Seating, Seat Belt Standards for Limousines

There have been three limousine accidents in the last couple of years which has prompted NTBS to call for new national requirements for both seating and seat belt in limousines. Sometimes passengers and drivers forget to wear the seat belts altogether. Labor posters can come in handy and can be used to remind the driver on the expected safety standards while on the road. The NTBS came up with a list of recommendations after gathering data from accidents in Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. 

The recommendations are as follows:
·        The National Highway Traffic Administration should require shoulder or lap belts for every passenger that is onboard the limousine. ·        The seat belts should meet minimum performance and safety standards. ·        The National Limousine Association should educate its members on the proper use There was a crash that happened in October 2018 that resulted in the death of 19 people in total. The 17 passengers were not wearing any seat belts at the time o…


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