Where To Place Your Recently Received Compliance Poster

Your compliance poster is very important to your company because it advises your employees of certain regulations or things to be careful with. Therefore, the first thing to know is where to properly paste it so that it can be visible to everyone. Places such as the break room, cafeteria, or busy spaces where everyone can see them are your best bet. Visibility is the key when placing your labor posters. 

Once you have selected where to place your poster, you need to properly measure it and outline it onto the wall. You don’t want to damage the wall, so nails, tacks or staples are a no-go. Neither is duct tape as it can be very difficult to fully remove, especially when it has already aged. Painter’s tape is the best option to use when pasting, as it will leave a clean surface once removed. Be careful not to pick masking tape as this one will leave a sticky residue just like duct tape would. The best method is to add hot glue to the painter’s tape and then paste the poster on it and the painter’s tape onto the wall, so you can avoid damaging the wall at all.

Here are the steps of how to begin placing your poster

1 - Select the wall and area where you will place your poster.
2 - Measure your poster and outline it on the wall.
3 – Proceed to apply hot glue onto the painter’s tape and paste your poster on it.
4 – Paste the poster on the wall and make sure it is properly centered.
5 – Enjoy your recently placed poster!

Other Methods

This isn’t the only method you can use as you can also paste them onto whiteboards, or use magnets or even double-sided tape. The most important thing to consider is not to damage or stain the wall when placing a poster, as this could be removed in the future and leave a horrible sticky stain that would need to be fixed later on at a higher cost.

Magnetic Paint is also a great option, as most modern companies prefer to use whole walls when adding notifications, write new ideas and of course to add their compliance posters. Magnetic paint is very easy to apply and use; you don’t always need to use the whole wall and just paint a section you wish to use.

Labor Law CC

Compliance posters are really important as they follow regulations, provide proper warnings, and even some need to be placed on areas visible to people in the recruiting process for them to review. Always be aware of where to place your poster and what material is the best depending on the wall where you want to paste it. Always be sure to place your compliance posters in the correct area, and investigate the best method to use depending on the wall's texture or even the paint used. It could be easier to go for one method rather than the other. Visit https://www.laborlawcc.com/ to review any other information about labor posters. 

Labor Law Compliance Center is one of the top companies offering you the required posters needed to comply with state and federal labor laws.

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